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schier (9)Schiermonnikoog was voted the most beautiful place in the Netherlands in 2006 and for good reason! This unique Wadden island is the perfect holiday destination. A peaceful island with abundant space, the broadest beaches in Europe and vast nature reserves with countless rare plants. The island is home to around 950 residents, is 18 km long and 4 km wide. Schiermonnikoog is a bird paradise. Thousands of birds from all over the world flock to the island. Even in high season there are more birds than people on Schiermonnikoog!

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Right from your 123 holiday home doorstep you can enjoy long beach walks, or take a bike and explore the island. Miles of cycling, hiking and riding trails take you through a stunning landscape of woods and dunes. Take a refreshing dip in the sea or let the children play on the beach. The activity beach situated at Pole 3 is a particular favourite for young and old as a great place to fly kites, go beach sailing, (kite) surfing, etc. Get lots of fresh air, blow your cobwebs away, enjoy the peace and feel completely relaxed, in all seasons.

The beaches on Schiermonnikoog are among the broadest in Europe and have been included in the top 10 cleanest beaches in the Netherlands for years. The sandbanks created along the shallow coast, are being continually pushed towards the shore and eventually add on to the beach, making the beaches even wider.

The shallow North Sea coast is a great place to swim. In high season part of this beach is under the watchful eye of a life-guard service. The various beach zones are well signposted so that you can clearly see what is or is not permitted on any particular stretch of beach. This means that in designated areas different activities like stunt kites and nudity are permitted.

The beach of Schiermonnikoog is remarkably green. In recent years numerous new small dunes have appeared on the beach covered with many different plants. Some dunes are overgrown with sand couch, marram grass or sea milkwort. On some dunes sea buckthorn is beginning to grow, sure proof that these are seldom flooded by the sea. In sandy places field sow thistle and sea rocket are quite common. Sea Rocket blooms in summer with white to purple flowers which in good weather smells similar to violates. In wetter areas the red purple loosestrife (cat’s tail) is present. While back on the beach the first orchids have already been spotted.

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Schiermonnikoog is a fantastic place for beachcombing. Depending on the strength and direction of the wind you can find lots of interesting things along the shoreline: all manner of shells, trumpet worms, a variety of seaweed and even starfish. The eastern most part of the island is known as ‘de Balg’ (the Bellows). This immense sandbank about 2 kilometres wide, is definitely worth a visit.


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